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Women of Purpose Ministry

Women Of Purpose Ladies Ministry is dedicated to growing the women of The Bethel Church. The ministry is directed by the church’s leading lady, Pastor Kimberly McKissick. Every woman of The Bethel Church age 19 and up is a member of this ministry.

WOP believes in building and maintaining in three areas:

  1. Wholesome – Strengthening the inner man
  2. Wellness – Health and Lifestyle
  3. Womanhood – Maturity and Growth

The goal is to introduce to some and reiterate to others the need for these areas to aid, serve, grow and lead in the kingdom. The ladies of WOP are dedicated to fostering healthy relationships between women in the ministry, providing a secure networking environment where trust can grow and deliverance can take place and providing enhanced opportunities for women to use their gifts and talents.

The focus is evident through the monthly events hosted. Every first Saturday of the month the Women Of Purpose ministry can be found serving in the community, being enriched spiritually or just sharing laughs and love. A few of the programs hosted by WOP have been opened to the entire church including the Prayer Jam and the SISter Summit.

Ministry leader:  Pastor Kimberly McKissick