In short, The Bethel Experience is the unique, authentic and diverse manner that characterizes our authentic worship of God as a congregation. Since I was a child, there has always been something unique and exciting about being in a worship setting in the sanctuary of The Bethel Church. You would hear music that would be mostly characterized as out of the bounds of the “Black experience” of worship, and yet you would also hear the music of that experience and all in one worship setting. You never knew what to expect in worship… from the music to the message. One thing you did know… you would feel the presence of God in ways you didn’t know you would in that worship. It was never branded (as branding was not an ideal of that day), but now that the same tradition has carried on, we call it The Bethel Experience.

An experience of diversity where you will hear the spectrum of music from Hillsong to Planet Shakers to the hymns of the church to Richard Smallwood to James Hall… and yes, all in one worship experience. It is an experience where like the “suddenly’ in the boos of Acts when Pentecost came and the Spirit fell SUDDENLY, in Bethel, out of nowhere and at points where you would not expect it SUDDENLY the Spirit sweeps through a dance breaks out…even at the end of a high church hymn. It is an experience where the sermon will be touched with drama. It is an experience where you come into the sanctuary in tiptoe anticipation of experiencing the Holy in ways that blows your mind.

It’s Who We Are
It’s What We Do
It’s The Bethel Experience