We’d love to hear from you! Please contact us anytime using the ministry contact information listed below. We value your time and will make every effort to respond in a timely manner.

Ministry Ministry Contact
Armor Bearers Deacon Washington Bennefield
BEST Saturday Academy Mother Estelle McKissick & Melody Davis
BMIT/SOM Executive Pastor Robert Dotson
Creative Arts Ministry Meachum Clarke
Media Ministry Brittany Granger
 Audio/Visual Ministry Jerome Davis
 Music Min. Valerie Hill
 Praise Team  Anthony Felton
 Voices of Judah  Min. Valerie Hill
 Children’s Choir
 One Way Youth Choir  Brooks Baptiste
Young Adult Choir
 Women  Lady Kimberly McKissck
 Men  Elder Wyman Winbush
 Word & Worship Mass  Min. Valerie Hill
 Dance  La’Farrah Davis
 Tribe of Judah Step Team
 Mimes  La’Farrah Davis
 Marketing / Social Media
Christian Discipleship/Church Growth Executive Pastor Robert Dotson
Church School Elder(s) Wyman Winbush & Connie Edwards
Congregational Care Elder Reginald Caldwell
Bethel’s Clusters
Birthday Sister Johnestine Daigeau
Hospitality Ministry Elder Reginald Caldwell
Grief Life Support Ministry Elder Sharon Garlington
Healthy Bethel Ministry Deacon Wilma Lauray
Culinary Ministry Annette Hughes
Deaf Ministry Elder Darletha LeSesne
Deliverance & Recovery Ministry Elder William Adams
Deacon Ministry Deacon John Edwards
Deacon Doris Putman
First Steps Ministry Rev. Deidare Thompson-Daniel
History & Archives Ministry Sister Camilla Thompson
Pathway Young Adults Elder Desmond Demps
Keenagers Deacon Wilma Lauray
Kingdom Kare (Outreach & Evangelism) Elder James Robinson
Angel Tree Sarah Robinson
Food Pantry Margaret McLean
Saturday Field Fellowship
Prison & Drug Rehab.
Married Couples Ministry Bishop & Lady McKissick, Jr.
Men’s Ministry Elder Wyman Winbush
Bethel BIG’s Ministry
Middle Adult Ministry Elder Sharon Garlington
Military Affairs Ministry Elder Wyman Winbush
Oasis Children’s Ministry Elder Rosemary Winbush
 Tweeners Ministry
One Way Youth Ministry Elder Desmond Demps
Prayer/Intercessors Elder Zella Richardson
Tuesday Noon Prayer Group
SAGA Ladies Ministry Lady Kimberly McKissick
Scouting Ministry (Boys & Girls) Willie Carswell (Male)
Teresa Hunter (Female)
Security Ministry  Deacon Mark Singleton
Sports Ministry
Aquatics Ministry
Youth Sports
Karate Ministry Tommy Richardson
Line Dancing Paula Robinson
Fitness Ministry Yolanda Bowden
Stewardship Education & Finance Ministry Luther & Pam Quarles
 Trustees Emmett Terrell
 Transportation Ministry
 Usher’s Ministry Sister Kim Law/Deacon Mark Willis
Elder Reginald  Caldwell