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Men’s Ministry

The mission of Bethel’s Men’s Ministry is to equip and exhort every man of Bethel to become the kingdom soldiers, servants and leaders that God intended them to be.  Our prayer is that God does not take His hands off of us until we are a mirror image of what He had in mind when He released us from eternity and called us to be the salt amongst this generation.

Every man in The Bethel Church is a member of the Men’s Ministry. Our goal is to develop men to the point that their actions and their fruit consistently reflects Kingdom of God and are so profoundly displayed as they work in our communities that both men and women will be compelled to declare “..there walks a man of God!”.

Our Men’s Breakfasts are the cornerstone of our ministry. It is truly a blessing to see over 50 Men gather each month for the sole purpose of unpacking the Word of God by exploring topics such as “The Power of A Parent’s Blessing”, “Sanctified Sexuality” and “Demons & Demonology. The primary focus of the Men’s Breakfast is to ensure each man expands their revelation of who God is by gaining a keen understanding of the Word of God.  Kingdom precepts are taught with an emphasis on how they, when used properly, can pave the way to receive the victories in Christ that He’s already won.  The men who regularly participate in the Men’s Ministry consistently testify that they’ve noticed that they are growing much faster spiritually than they were before they began participating.

In a more intimate setting Deacon Ron Busby gives leadership to the Men’s Enrichment class which is held the third Thursday of the month. The mission of the Enrichment Class is to serve God through enabling men on life’s journey to become the victors they were ordained to be.  Men are encouraged to search for truth, live for Christ, and become better husbands, fathers, sons, leaders, followers, and most of all…better Christians.

They gather as “real men”, discussing real topics, dealing with real life issues, that also serve God.

During these sessions Men discussed topics such as “Conquering your Evil Twin” and “Why Men Don’t Communicate; & God’s Plan to Help “. Both venues provided men an opportunity to fellowship, be transparent with each other and exhort/encourage each other in Christ as “iron still sharpens iron”.

Ministry Leader: Pastor Wyman Winbush